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Bezerra BZ10-espresso-ICF
From the outset, a basket/filter type espresso machine was the only option. Having experienced five interesting years making espresso “manually” using a piston-type machine, it became time to graduate to a higher level. Without doubt, my trusty lever-operated machine often did produce a very acceptable espresso, but suffered from variability due to the manual art of extraction- especially when changing operators.

The upgrade to the BZ10 and K-3 Touch grinder was driven by the desire for repeatability and ease of use: in particular, to have a reliable and reproducible grind and extraction with the constant 9 Bar extraction pressure over the standard “20-25 seconds”. With excellent advice from the espresso-prego team and a little experimentation and patience on my side, the learning period is now over: the grind setting and tamper pressure are optimised for my locally roasted beans (Caffè Ferrari, Dietikon, Switzerland (50% Milano+50% Napoli mixture)) and the espresso flows smoothly.

The final result emulates perfectly the “Italian” experience at home for all 3 senses: visual, olfactory and gustatory.

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